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TOURS and Reservation RULES:

For the tour we suggest wear long pants, comfortable close shoes and don’t bring any backpack (it’s dangerous as on the paths in the jungle, the branches can get caught, for the same reason we avoid saddle bags). We suggest the use a belly bag instead backpack. We also recommend sun protection creams/oil and mosquito repellents. All riders levels and children from 5 years old are welcome. We provide helmets (obligate till 18 years old). Weight Limit 215lbs/95Kg for all all the beach and jungle tours. The Hippo Camp Tour (that include the swim with the horses), has a limit weight of 190lbs/85kg. Please inform us of any health problems or special need.

Recommendations on things to take with you


We offer tours from 1 hour to full-day or multi-day excursions. The South Caribbean area is the place where the blue caribbean sea kiss the lush tropical jungle. We will guide you along the beautiful beaches, exploring idyllic corner of tropical paradise and amazing jungle trails. The profound knowledge of our horses and their character will help us choose the best possible horse for you, respecting your riding skills and your needs. We offer tours for riders of all levels, from the beginners to the most expert. Children are welcome from 5 years old. We provide helmets. Number Minimun 2 persons. Tours Guarantee also in case of rain. MULTI-DAY TOURS On these multi-day hikes, you'll be able to spend more time with your companion and build a special relationship. You will be able to explore the deep primary forest and its immense wildlife, wetlands and ride across the most beautiful beaches of the Country. The multi-day tour require from intermedium to professional horseback riding skills


On these multi-day hikes, you'll be able to spend more time with your companion and build a special relationship. You will be able to explore the jungle and its immense wildlife, ride along the coastal regions and inland wetlands, walk with your horse. These packages are more than just tours, they are horseback riding vacations where you will live unique and unforgettable moments!





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Private tour additional cost to the chosen tour

Minimun 2 people. It's best to book your tour in advance, so contact us to check availability and details!

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1.5 hours - Short Beach and Jungle Tour

$65 X 1 people

Duration of 1.5 hours. A short but intense experience for beginners and children. Call ahead to schedule.



2.5 hours - Beach-Jungle Tour

$90 X 1 people

Duration 2.5 hours. Our most popular tour! This tour combines beach and jungle for a complete experience. Available in the morning or afternoon. 


2.5 hours - Special Honeymoon Ride & Relax

$195 X 1 people

Duration 2.5 hours of private beach&jungle tour + 1 hour of professional massage. If you are looking for a complete experience that combine adventure and relax, this is the perfect choice for you.


3.5 hours - Half day tour

$130 X 1 people

 Duration 3.5 hours of horseback riding. Our Half Day Tour is a longer version of the 2.5h Beach&Jungle Tour, that allow you discover more of our south Caribbean area. This tour is perfect for more expert riders, covers a great distance and gives you the opportunity to explore much more.  This tour covers a great distance and gives you the opportunity to explore much of 


1.5 hours - Hippo-camp Half Day Tour

$140 X 1 people

The Hippo-Camp-tour begins with a 1.5 hour ride along the beach, after which we will select the best possible place for the swim. We took off the saddle and ride bareback in the ocean. This is truly an incomparable experience and something you will remember forever.  

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1 day -Full day tour

$240 X 1 people

Our Full Day Tour is a complete experience that will take you throughout the South Caribbean. An all day ride that will allow you discover all the beauty of our South Caribbean coast, the beaches, the jungle and its incredible wildlife from the back of our sweet and happy horses. An unforgettable experience, you won't want to miss! The tour is the perfect experience for the more expert riders and real horses lovers. Lunch and a soft drink/beer in one of the restaurant along the beaches are included.


1 day - Full day tour and Jaguar Rescue Center Foundation

$265 X 1 people

We combine our unforgettable full-day tour experience with the tour at the exclusive Jaguar Rescue Center Foundation! The say will start with the tour on the Jaguar Rescue. After the JRC tour, you’ll start your adventure with the horses for the Full Day Ride. Lunch+Soft Drink/Beer Included.


1 day - Full day tour and kayak tour

$270 X 1 people

Do you want to discover the best beaches on the Caribbean coast from from the back of a beautiful horse and also explore the deeper jungle from one of our suggestive river in a single day? Then a full day tour+kayak is your answer! Lunch+Soft Drink/Beer included


2 days - 2-day Manzanillo Gandoca Tour

$620 X 1 people

We suggest this tour for the most adventurous and expert riders. It is a complete and unforgettable experience! Discover the most unforgettable and wild beaches and our jungle with its primary forrest, secondary forrest and wildlife! This tour will be tailored to your individual needs and desires. It is truly a memorable way to spend your days in the Caribbean.



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Considerations to take into account

Caribe Horse is an organization that, through the service it offers, guarantees high quality care, food, veterinary care and a second life, to horses that were rescued from different adverse situations and that are now part of our family. The goal of Caribe Horse is love and respect for horses. Participate in one of our activities and tours, it means helping a horse!

Very well trained horses, imported quality equipment, qualified and certified professional staff, guarantee our guests the best possible experience. In addition, we support the local community and try to involve horse owners in the area in our project, in order to raise awareness about the correct treatment and needs of horses, offer a collaboration that allows them to have income that guarantees expensive care. what horses need. For this reason, please note that only the reservation made through Caribe Horse remains under our responsibility, guaranteeing insurance and all legal and municipal permits to carry out the activity. Our collaborators (instructors or guides) work with the Caribe Horse team and the horses are behind the control, responsibility, veterinary review and care of Caribe Horse.


Caribe Horse grants horse owners who decide to participate in our project the full income derived from the activity carried out, excluding taxes and insurance expenses. No financial gain is expected for Caribe Horse since the objective is to guarantee the correct care of the horses. The reservation made directly to some of our collaborators, without informing Caribe Horse, represents an unauthorized use of our name, facilities, equipment and horses that are under our care and responsibility, it is serious damage to Caribe Horse, it is not covered by safe and allows it, puts the client's own safety at risk and represents a serious violation of legal duties on the part of collaborators.


If a similar situation arises, for the safety of your clients and for compliance with the law itself, please report it to our management. Organizing and scheduling our activities in advance allows us to guarantee horses and guides that their needs are respected and avoid excessive charges. Furthermore, proper organization in our small family can guarantee more space available for your potential guests. It is also important to consider that, for the same excellent care that we guarantee to our horses, a long preparation time is required before each tour, so it is not possible to book at the last second.

Caribe Horse Cancellation Policy

The Cancellation Policy considers all the specific conditions of the area, such as, for example, the obligation of not being able to create large groups, which implies that each reservation and cancellation is of fundamental importance.


•There are no penalties for cancellation notified up to 90 days before the tour.

• 20% penalties for cancellation notified up to 60 days before the tour.

• Penalties of 50% for cancellation notified up to 45 days before the tour.

• Penalties of 60% for cancellation notified up to 30 days before the tour.

• Penalties of 80% for cancellation notified up to 15 days before the tour.

• 100% penalties for cancellation notified less than 72 hours before the tour.

**The tours are also guaranteed in case of rain, since we are in the rainforest. There is no refund in case of cancellation or client no-show due to weather.

Only in the event of dangerous weather conditions for the safety of clients and horses, will the tour be suspended.**

**The swimming with the horses included in the Hippo Camp Tours always depends on the unpredictable weather and sea conditions that can change even during it.

Route. In the event that swimming is not possible, we guarantee you one of our beach and jungle tours (details of the tour that will be offered will be communicated when booking). **

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