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Rescued horses


We rescued all of our horses from the 2015 and we did everything we could to try to help them individually overcome their past, but the reality is that they help and teach us much more than we did.

When we started, we only had passions, love and our knowledge and experience with horses.

Horses are prey and it is evident how an incorrect attitude on the part of a human can strengthen many of a horse’s natural fears and, like abusive situations, can be even more devastating for these wonderful and sensitive friends. All of our rescued babies were scared, confused and not understood. They had completely lost their confidence and in many cases had even forgotten what it meant to “be a horse.”

We rely on natural horsemanship and through communication, love, positive leadership, trust, play and positive reinforcement, together we were able to build an amazing family. 
We love them very much as part of our family and we all, together, work as business partners to make this second life possible, to try to build a secure future that can guarantee our 4-legged friends the retirement and rest they deserve and perhaps can save other friends in need.

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