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I am BALSAM. I was born in 2010 and I am Creole.

I was living alone, uncared for, on a big piece of land for a year before they rescued me…apparently the place was big and nice, but I’m not a wild horse, I needed care and unfortunately the grass in the Caribbean area I couldn’t feed myself because there was little water and few nutrients.

The scars on my body and the terror I had towards humans and other horses showed that my life before was even more difficult.
When Caribe Horse adopted me, no one knew if I would wake up the next day.
I was skinny, stressed, my entire immune system was down, most of the time I couldn’t even stand on my legs, I had major breathing problems, many hairless spots and I had flashes and pain all over my body from the rain and fungus .

It took me over 2 years of care, feeding, veterinary treatment, love and training to be the horse I am today. For a long time, even when everything seemed to be getting better, I had severe relapses, until finally my family, with a great veterinarian, discovered that I also had a hormonal problem that caused me a special type of diabetes.

In my new home I was also able to make many friends, the first was Eragon: he introduced me to the other horses, he protected me when I was still too weak and helped me find my place in the group.
Now I am a healthy and very happy horse, I could spend all day playing, I am a great teacher with younger horses.

My sweet and calm behavior makes me the favorite horse of children and beginners, but the most experts also adore me because I am super intelligent!!

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