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I’m TOY. I was born in 2016 and I am Creole.
If Caribe Horse came a little later I wouldn’t be here anymore: they saved me from being euthanized!!
I spent my whole life in a place with donkeys. Donkeys were not easy friends and I had to fight to find my place. Furthermore, the humans I met before were not kind to me: they assumed I needed a strong method to understand.

When Caribe Horse rescued me, I discovered love and care, I discovered that I deserve to be respected and understood. They try to speak my language and it wasn’t easy to communicate with me, because I was really confused about what the world expects of me. In the first period it was difficult for me to share the place with the other horses, I thought I had to fight and be aggressive to survive, but after a while, I was even able to have friends and play with them…maybe. Just not always!!

I love being pampered, I get very sweet. Earning my trust is not easy, I love very few humans to whom, however, I am truly faithful.

When I arrived I was a little sad and didn’t believe in myself, now I know that even though I am small, I am a very strong, proud and fast horse. Caribe Horse continues to work to bring me to a more relaxed side, I made an incredible change, I am very intelligent and can be very collaborative. They try to explain to me that I never have to be afraid and fight again in my life… I’m still not sure if I like that, so let’s see what the future holds for me. What is certain is that I am the boss of the horses and that now I know that my humans love me, protect me and will never abandon me!!

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