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I am ERAGON. I was born in 2013 and I am an appaloosa.
I was very small and thin when Caribe Horse found me, since my nutrition was not what it was supposed to be. My teeth were in horrible condition, which is why, first of all, no one could even tell my age. I was very afraid of everything because I felt very fragile, but every kilo I put on my chest and every centimeter I grew made me more confident.

With the lovely care I received from Caribe Horse, I grew over 10cm and gained 140kg/300lbs in a couple of months, I am now at a healthy weight. For me, humans were always a problem, I used to be very outgoing and show how I felt, that’s why they interpreted my reaction with panic, as a kind of rebellion, but I was very young, too scared and confused.

When I arrived at Caribe Horse, the love and treatment they have with me makes me understand that perhaps these humans wanted to be kind to me. Now for some reason I immediately feel very comfortable and in love with my human friend Jimmy and after a while of training together, we were able to live beautiful adventures together and go on tours in the jungle and on the beaches where I really love to go!!

I am very playful, but I need very soft hands, because I take care of every little detail, that’s why I prefer to go with my friends from Caribe Horse. I love teaching the other horses in the group anything, the good and the bad: it’s so much fun!!

I am also very protective and sweet: when new horses arrive, I am usually the one who introduces them to others.

I love playing with the colt, but Balsam, my first horse friend, is still my favorite.

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