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Caribe Horse

Caribe Horse is the answer for the real horses and animal lovers.
We offer tours, Natural Horsemanship clinics, Hipotherapy, Voluntary and much more… Our rescue horses are our family.
We have more than 40 years of professional certificated experience and a passion that comes from a long family legacy.
We rescued all our be-loved 4-legs friends from different situations and we do all the possible efforts to guarantee them all the care and attention they deserve, to ensure excellent health conditions and a wonderful and constructive human-horse relationship.
Love, correct communication and respect for the horses, them happiness, them health and needs, are our non-negotiable goal and the reason of all our project.
In exchange we have the honor of their unconditional love and great collaboration from wonderful companions in life and adventures.

¡Welcome to Caribe Horse!

We are the answer for the real horse lover. Our rescued beloved horses are our family, strength and reason of all our project. With our 40 years long life experience and certificated knowledge with horses, consolidated by degree in psychopedagogy, we are focused in guarantee perfectly health conditions, love, correct natural communication and respect to all the horses needs.

We offer clinics of Natural Horsemanship, Hippotherapy with professional certificated psychopedagogy, unforgettable horseback riding tour, vacation, horseback riding lessons and voluntary activity on the paradisiac Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

You can leave a one life experience with our be-loved, happy, healthy and well-trained horses. Amazing relationship with the horses, professionalism, high quality beach and jungle rides with a sweet 4-legged friend and much more wait you!! Live a dream in paradise with our beloved horses!! In our tours, our professional guides will accompany you to the perfect locations, capturing unique photographs and observing wildlife in their natural habitat. Our sweet well voice-trained horses can take any rider, from beginner to professionals to an incredible time along Costa Rica’s most stunning pristine beaches.

Ask about our clinics to learn more about horse communication with our beautiful 4-legs rescue friends. We specialize in ‘a la carte’ tours and can help you make the most of your honeymoon, wedding photos, children’s birthday and incredible holidays for an unforgettable adventure. If you want to learn more about horses and improve your riding skills, ask about our private lessons. You will be more confident by learning how to communicate better with your horse and therefore enjoy the ride even more!

TRIPADVISOR, ZICASSO LUXURY TRAVEL and others certificated us for the excellent service and as first activity in the area from 2016.

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Horse trips


We constantly need HELP with DONATION to be able to cover all the high expenses we have for the food and care of our rescued 4-legged friends. The tours and activities we offer, unfortunately, are not enough to cover all the expenses and care that the horses deserve. Our main objective at Caribe Horse is to find a way to HELP HORSES, rescue them from different situations and offer them a better life with all the love and care they deserve.

onstant efforts are also required in the tropical climate to maintain the structures and paddocks where the horses spend their time. This causes extremely high maintenance costs. Furthermore, the extreme tropical climate of Costa Rica is responsible for many health problems in horses, which therefore require greater care and attention than traditional ones.

The tours, the clinics and the activities we offer, unfortunately, are not enough to cover all the expenses and care that the horses deserve.  Our future plan is to expand the space we have, to be able to rescue other friends and have the right place for the retreat they deserve.

Incredible passion, love for all the animals and nature, long life family tradition experience, certified skills, constant training and updating with different professionals around the world, helps us build an incredible relationship with our 4-legged friends. We consider our horses our FAMILY and best FRIENDS for all life and every day WE HOPE to have more space and possibilities to HELP other HORSES AND ANIMALS.  We are constantly working to expand the space we have, to be able to rescue other friends and have the right place for the retreat they deserve. You can collaborate with a DONATION or with a VIRTUAL ADOPTION and be part of our project.

We invite you to read the story of each horse in the section “our horses”, where we present our rescued 4-legged babies. You can collaborate with a DONATION and be part of our project. We hope to inspire you to be part of our dream in Costa Rica and we will be happy to share more details with you and answer to all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us through the following contact form.

Our horses:

We dedicate our life to guarante to our 4 legs friends all the care and love they deserve. Our horses are at the moment between 4 and 25 years old.

The oldest and the ones with the worst past, are is retired to our farm on the mountainside, in a magic 79 acre preserved private reserve, located on the border to the biological corridor. In this special corner of paradise, we provide to our 4legs friends all the freedom, care and love they need in this special time of them life.

We are also working with dedication to save and protect all the nature and its inhabitants, and we hope to be able soon to offer new volunteering experiences and clinics and share with all the real horses and animals lovers this magic wild place.

Our horses are Criollo, Ibero, Quarter Horse, Quarab, Pure Blood Arabian and Appaloosa breeds. Through the great daily work dedicated to building trust and correct communication, they are all very nice and sweet horses, suitable for beginners, children and also for professional riders. Because we care about the well-being of the horses, we have to set a different weight limit for each horse. The general weight limit is 220 lbs/100 kg. All our saddles are imported from Europe and the United States, all made in ultra-light materials and tailored to each horse. We always try to share our work with local people and also with those people who require a second chance in life. Our hope is involve them in our activity to be able to convey the love and respect for horses to everyone. We work hand in hand with most of the local hotels and also recognized internationals tour operators and agency and we were lucky enough to be able to build a great reputation thanks to the quality of service we offer and the visible love and care we have for horses.

Special horseback riding tours

Make special your time in the Carribbean and join an unforgettable horseback experience through the most incredible beaches and jungles of Costa Rica. Our tours take you along pristine beaches and through lush jungle. We are committed to offering the best possible experience to every possible rider, from the beginners to the professionals.

The very experienced riders or the riders that are looking for an exclusive attention, will be able to enjoy a personalized experience through our private tours. The goal of our tours is allow you to appreciate the magnificent relationship with the horses, crossing this little piece of paradise in the most ecological possible way and in perfect harmony with the nature.

Advance booking is recommend and required. Travel with us and discover the beauty of the Caribbean coast!

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Horse trips

Have you always dreamed of riding a beautiful horse on a picturesque beach?

We will accompany you across the beautiful South Caribbean and will explain to you more about horses, our project, the beauty the history, the culture and the nature of the Carribbean of Costa Rica.

We offer tours for riders of all levels and for children ages 5 and up. We provide helmets. Minimun 2 persons. Private tour available. It’s best to book your tour in advance, so contact us to check availability and details!



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Horse riding holidays

How about an unforgettable horseback riding vacation?

Check out Caribe Horse’s multi-day rides for a magical horseback riding adventure in a true corner of paradise.

On these multi-day hikes, you’ll be able to spend more time with your companion and build a special relationship. You will be able to explore the jungle and its immense wildlife, ride along the coastal regions and inland wetlands, walk with your horse. These packages are more than just tours, they are horseback riding vacations where you will live unique and unforgettable moments!









playa caballo caribe

Come and learn about NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP with our beloved RESCUED HORSES, in this magic tropical paradise!! We offer volunteer programs from 2 weeks. We we are working hard to be able to offer soon accommodations in the barn for the horses lovers who wants to leave this one life experience. The volunteer work and attention is dedicate around the horses and their well-being. Tours, donations, clinics and riding school are the activities that make our rescue project possible. These are all highly demanding activities for the humans of our family, that require the active participation and help of as many people as possible, in order to guarantee the correct and deserved attention to the horses and to our guests. In Caribe Horse each volunteer can learn more about NATURAL COMMUNICATION, problems and behavioral consequences in mistreated horses, NATURAL HORSE RIDING, horses welfare, care, health problems and treatments in tropical areas .

We do all the efforts to apply every day the knowledge of natural horsemanship in its deep and huge world of study of the Horses Behavior, communication human-horse, a knowledge that is made up of around 600 years of story of profound studies centered on equine behaviour, psychology and the anatomy of horses. Each horse is a world apart, highly complex and must therefore be treated respecting not only its nature but also its subjectivity and the burden of its previous experiences. Like every human being is unique and special, every single horse is unique and special too, and every one deserves be understood, loved and respected in all them uniqueness. This is even more important when there are difficult and traumatic experiences in the past.

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