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I’m REX. I was born in 2008 and I’m a big quarter horse.
When they rescued me, I really looked horrible, it was also difficult to understand what kind of creatures I was… I was big but very thin, all my bones were visible, I had no hair on my body that was covered. mushroom.
Since I was little I probably didn’t receive proper nutrition, which makes my hooves very fragile to this day and my big size doesn’t help me, which is why I’m the only one who wears shoes on the front. hooves. When I arrived I had severe pain in my back due to 3 large flakes that had been caused by an incorrect chair.

She was very scared, and even when she was free with the other horses, she would bite and kick every human that tried to get close to me. But the love and care that I began to receive, the freedom, the play with the other horses, made me understand that life was not so bad and that I could try to trust humans too.
Now I am a very powerful horse, I love it

receive attention and care, so sometimes I like to be a little dramatic. I love to play, I’m a giant, but I still feel like a little bird. Leadership is not for me, it makes me feel insecure, which is why I feel much more comfortable with a good, confident leader. I have a lot of energy, I could walk all day every day, if I stay home to relax in the countryside for more days, I start to feel a little nervous! I am very easy to drive, very sensitive and I don’t need to accelerate much. So you better keep your feet off my belly or I’ll speed up.

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