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I’m PAHENCO. I was born in 2007 and I am Costa Rican Creole.
My previous owners were very hard on me. They used me for traditional trotting in very inconsiderate ways that hurt me a lot.
When Caribe Horse found me, I seemed frozen, expressionless, my eyes, my lips, my nose and my ears, they did not express any emotion. I was no different from an ice statue and when they mounted me, I would try to start running to escape, even at the risk of getting hurt. The humans who had me said that I was crazy and that it was better to sacrifice myself, that there was no hope for me and maybe I believed it too at that moment.

When I arrived at Caribe Horse everything changed… the humans were so gentle and calm, they gave me a lot of space during the day and a big box to sleep in at night, they didn’t ask for anything.
I wasn’t used to it, so in the first period I always tried to find a small dark corner for myself, similar to my old house. I had forgotten what it meant to be a horse!!
I discovered that I could move, invent games, play and no human hurt me because of it… every day I took small steps that for me were a giant change.

What surprised me most was how I began to love every hug, every human caress when before every caress terrified me… now I enjoy every gesture of love that comes especially from Oriana, with whom I had a special connection from the first moment. I have an extraordinary relationship with my human friend. I love sleeping near her on the beach and when she scratches my ears (I now find out that many humans can do that…)
I also find that if I make a lot of funny faces, I get attention and maybe the humans will give me more treats and cuddles.

Now I accept that my human friends ride me, I just need a little time to trust everyone, except that children don’t scare me from the first moment, I am very gentle and they appreciate it a lot… I think so. They are more sensitive and understand more than adult humans!! I love going for a walk with my friends: it’s so much fun!! No one hurts me anymore, I no longer see the snaffle and the spurs… I don’t need to escape, I can enjoy each walk peacefully. The beach is very calm and swimming in the sea during hot days is amazing! I’m so happy and I know my human friend really loves me so much!!

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