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I’m PAHENCO. I was born in 2007 and I am Costa Rican Creole.My previous owners were very hard on me. They used me for traditional trotting in very inconsiderate ways that hurt me a lot.When Caribe Horse found me, I seemed frozen, expressionless, my eyes, my lips, my nose and my ears, they did not […]

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caballo cariberex


I’m REX. I was born in 2008 and I’m a big quarter horse.When they rescued me, I really looked horrible, it was also difficult to understand what kind of creatures I was… I was big but very thin, all my bones were visible, I had no hair on my body that was covered. mushroom.Since I

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caballo caribe soga


I am SOGA. I was born in 2003 and I am Quarab.The last human being I had in my life before Caribe Horse liked me but didn’t really know much about horses. I basically lived on a big plot of land and ate the grass around me. Since the grass on the Caribbean side of

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caballo caribe eragon


I am ERAGON. I was born in 2013 and I am an appaloosa.I was very small and thin when Caribe Horse found me, since my nutrition was not what it was supposed to be. My teeth were in horrible condition, which is why, first of all, no one could even tell my age. I was

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caballo caribe pequeñin


I’m TOY. I was born in 2016 and I am Creole.If Caribe Horse came a little later I wouldn’t be here anymore: they saved me from being euthanized!!I spent my whole life in a place with donkeys. Donkeys were not easy friends and I had to fight to find my place. Furthermore, the humans I

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caballo caribe balsan


I am BALSAM. I was born in 2010 and I am Creole. I was living alone, uncared for, on a big piece of land for a year before they rescued me…apparently the place was big and nice, but I’m not a wild horse, I needed care and unfortunately the grass in the Caribbean area I

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caballo caribe polar


Soy POLAR. Nací en 2011 y soy ibero.
Cuando Caribe Horse me rescató, mi cabello tenía otro color, porque la pura condición en la que vivo, que nunca me hizo descubrir lo que significa recibir cuidados ni siquiera ser lavada y cepillada… Estaba amarilla cuando llegué a Caribe Horae. y ni siquiera una buena ducha pudo ayudarme, pero mi nueva familia sabe que después de un tiempo de cuidados correctos, cambiaré de cabello y descubriré mi verdadero color blanco… por eso mi nombre ahora es Polar!!

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